Vision, Mission


Researching is the power of wisdom leading to the development of Thailand.


To become the leading research university for people
 To become the research center for development, locally to internationally
To focus on the academic services leading to sustainable local development  


  • Have a good management system with good governance principles, focusing on quality, flexibility, and freedom in academic affairs, along with a plan for risk management. 
  • Promote and encourage teachers to create knowledge with research processes and academic services in order to develop education and publish the works for application.
  • Provide services in academic affairs, transfer technology for elevating the standards of communities and society with quality, and respond to the demands of communities and society.
  • Promote integrating research for improving the country, following the philosophy of the sufficiency economic, focus on the IT center, and spread the art and culture of the Rattanakosin Era.

Strategic Issues

Elevating the research standard, creating knowledge and innovation for local development.


Enhancing the competency and potential in research and development
Work Plan:
- Development of researchers
- Development of research and a database of art and culture of the Rattanakosin Era
- Research for local development

Developing and promoting research to an international level 
Work Plan:
- Publishing the works for international viewing

Empowering modern researchers to become professional 
Work Plan:
- Research of institutes

Elevating the research of the public sector in commercial cooperation with the private sector  
Work Plan:
- Building a research network